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At The Harris Firm, we pride ourselves on the ability to reach creative, effective and efficient legal solutions; through trial or settlement negotiations. Our attorneys and staff are dedicated to providing our clients with informed and compassionate representation. Our goal is to maintain longstanding relationships with our clients built on trust and respect. It's just one reason we attract an array of clients -- from individuals to businesses of all sizes.

Significant Victory for Our Client


The Harris Firm, P.C. in Dallas is pleased to report that this year began with a significant victory. The firm went to trial in State District Court in Houston (Harris County) Texas, in what we understand to be the first 419e (single employer plan) lawsuit to ever be tried in this country. This was a six-day trial before a 12 person jury (along with one alternate). The firm was successful in not only securing a finding of fraud against an agent/financial advisor who sold our client into the plan, but this fraud finding was unanimous among the jurors. Moreover, the jury found fraud by clear and convincing evidence, thus allowing the opportunity for a second phase of deliberations on exemplary/punitive damages. Ultimately, our clients prevailed with a total jury award of $2,954.000.00.

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Is Arbitration an Option? Should it Be?

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Are Online Reviews Protected Speech?

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